Welcome to our practice. We aim for awesome!

The Paediatric Dental Group is a specialist dental practice for children. We provide total care in all aspects of dentistry for children.

For as long as you have children in your life, you need to know that we are here.

  • We are family people, we are experts, and we care.
  • We help little ones who are in pain or have infection.
  • We are gentle and caring and comfort children who are scared or anxious.
  • We provide definitive treatment for kids who have decay, holes and enamel hypoplasia.
  • We see emergency cases as a priority; including oral and dental injuries.
  • We treat babies who can’t feed because their lip or tongue is tied down.
  • We help children who are born with conditions that cause pain and deformity.
  • We look after little ones who need surgery in the mouth.
  • We help kids who have wonky teeth, abnormal growth and other unusual occurrences.
  • We look after medically compromised children who are too sick to be seen by anyone else.
  • We welcome children who have physical or intellectual disabilities, or developmental concerns, including autism and ADHD.
  • We take pride in our emphasis on prevention of disease and injury.
  • We do all this with great care, incredible attention to detail and passion.
  • We are registered specialists in dentistry for children. We know exactly what we are doing and we do it well.

In addition to caring for those in need, we welcome those children who have no specific dental concerns, but value access to specialist care to build the foundations for great oral health for life. 

We consult from two locations across Queensland

  • Brisbane
  • Toowoomba